Relocated from her home, Switzerland to make her permanent home in the US after excelling for over 20 years in top luxury brands with solid foundations, strong heritage and positive impact on the world. Her experience with highly diverse industries in Europe and America has allowed for a greater understanding of not only new functions but also their culture and environment. Has a proven track record in brand management, public and media relations, copy/writing, crisis management, project management and sales.

Born in Uruguay, she speaks several languages including, French, Spanish, Portuguese and a bit of Italian.

During her free time, Gabriela has a passion for horses and rides English Style Dressage. She also adopted a Mini Bull Terrier, Luna who is the light of her life. When she’s not with Luna, she loves traveling the world.

She is excited to be a part of the Valor family and looks forward to starting her days with new and exciting challenges!

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