How to ease and reduce stress in the workplace.

It may not shock you that call center reps who handle customers all day are stressed out. Like most humans, you’ve probably lost your patience with someone in customer service at your bank, credit card company, or insurance company. Though your end was a frustrating experience, imagine what it’s like for that person on the other side of the line. Most likely sitting at a desk, in a noisy environment, chatting with multiple people a day, it’s only a matter of time before a call comes in that produces stress in the workplace. Customers often insult reps who are trying to follow protocol and even resort to yelling and abusive language.

Stress Causes

Call center employees are valued by a multitude of metrics. From including time on calls, breaks between calls, number of calls handled, and escalations to managers if the customer service agent hasn’t handled the call effectively.  In addition, there is quality assurance listening to call and evaluating performance. With all that pressure, relieving stress in the workplace for these hard-working employees is paramount.  Without some kind of stress solution, these employees are at high risk for significant problems and employers are left with escalating costs and high turnover rates. 

An Ameyo survey revealed that in call centers, stress in the workplace leads to burnout, creates job withdrawal, missed days, lower productivity, ineffectiveness, reduced commitment to the job, conflicts at work, and even disruptive behaviors

Stress Relievers

It’s important for employers and managers to address stress in the workplace to ensure productivity, commitment, and ultimately the success of the company. Here are three ways call center employees can help to reduce stress in the workplace.

Make a Friend

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

C.S. Lewis

Regardless of how one feels about their work environment, there’s likely another person who feels the same way. In the trenches together, there’s no one who understands more than a co-worker. Finding someone that feels the same way can help someone to avoid isolation when receiving negative communication from a caller.

For employers, it is imperative to create opportunities for friendships to blossom is the first step to call center employers helping their employees through stressful periods. Positive culture and celebrations will foster an environment for employees to interact with each other and make long lasting friendships, as will on-site clubs and games. Mentorship will also bring those together and give top performers their chance to shine.

Walk it Out

Sometimes the best medicine is a good ol’ Vitamin D. Experts recommend spending at least 10 – 15 minutes outside each day to reap the benefits of nature’s sunshine vitamin.  Taking a break from work to take a walk can reap not only the benefit of removing oneself from a stressful call, but also protect the human body from depression, cardiovascular problems, cancer and osteoporosis. A much needed mood booster, fresh air can be useful for processing various types of information and make a person happier over-all.

Create a Self-Care Toolbox

Self-care isn’t just a fad filled with salt baths and yoga sessions. While both can provide excellent benefits, those both may not be fit for the call center environment. However, employees can help ease stress and anxiety post call by having a self-care toolbox. Fill your toolbox with stress relieving items such as stress balls, lavender essential oil, tea packets, chocolates, positive affirmations and other favorites. Those that need a little more push, can look to products that are proven to reduce stress and anxiety, like The TouchPoint Solution. Proven to reduce stress in 30-seconds or less, TouchPoints are a wearable device that can be helpful to employees in many more ways than reducing stress in the call center environment.

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