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A video job interview? No need to panic! In the light of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s likely that many of your plans have been thwarted, including your job interview. Instead of in-person, your interview has been changed to video chat. Here’s our best tips to acing your video job interview.

Check Your Tech

The top tip to acing your video job interview is to check your technology. Is your Wi-Fi signal good? Does the video chat connect? Is your audio audible? Ensure that each piece of equipment is in working order before jumping on the call for your interview. This is especially key if your interview is for a remote position, as you’re also proving you’ve got the tech it takes to get the job done.

Ensure You’ve Got a Good Charge

After you’ve checked your tech, ensure you’ve got a good charge. And this isn’t just the machine being plugged in, ensure it’s already charged in case you need to move due to poor connection or signal.

Dress to Impress

You’re still going to an interview – so dress like it! Wear your best suit (and tie), with good, clean face and haircut. An extra tip in acing your video job interview is to check how your makeup looks on video. Some lighting may make you appear more muted or neon, which may distract you once your interview starts up.

Set the Space

Before your interview starts, check your space. What could your interviewer potentially see in the background? Is it clean? Is it void of distraction? Sound proof if possible and make sure any housemates know you’re not to be disturbed.

Be Ready to Roll

Just like an in-person interview, preparedness is key. Use the time you would to drive to an interview to prep. Research common interview questions, ensure you know your resume like the back of your hand, and be ready to answer interview questions like the pro you are.

Speak Clearly

The biggest tip to ace your interview is to speak clearly. You don’t know the muffled noises your interviewer could be hearing and the best way to control the uncontrollable, is to speak clearly. Be clear and concise in your answers in both your voice and in the message your sending.

Maintain Eye Contact

Like you would in an in-person interview, maintain your eye contact. It’s easy to get distracted by looking at yourself, but this is not the time to pick at your imperfections. Keep eye contact on the screen and choose an appropriate focal point in the room that won’t show off your nose hairs.

Sit Tall + Keep Your Body Language in Check

Want to really ace your video job interview? Sit up! Just because you’re in the comfort of your own home, doesn’t mean it’s time to slouch. Sit tall and keep your hand movements to a minimum, as they could be distracting to your interviewer.

Close Strong

Since you can’t end with a handshake, end your interview with a solid closing statement. Remind your interviewer how excited you are to work for their company and thank them for their time. It may not be the same as a handshake, but sharing your gratitude is always a plus.

Sign Out

You finished your interview, yay! Then you unbutton your pants, lean back and say something negative about your interviewer and whoops – you’re still connected! Before you do anything and that means anything, ensure you’ve closed the chat. You’ll thank yourself later!

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