Call Center Acronyms for Industry Newbies

You’re stoked! You love helping people through conversation and you just landed your first call center position! You enter your first day of training and your trainer starts saying things like ACW, AHT, BPO… and you’re lost and perhaps a little overwhelmed. Who knew call centers had so many acronyms? No need to fear, we’ve […]

10 Tips to Ace your Video Job Interview

A video job interview? No need to panic! In the light of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s likely that many of your plans have been thwarted, including your job interview. Instead of in-person, your interview has been changed to video chat. Here’s our best tips to acing your video job interview. Check Your Tech The top […]

Top Tips for Working from Home

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have urged employees to work from home to reduce the risk of infection and essentially flatten the curve. What could sound like a vacation, working from home requires a bit of adjustment to ensure your productivity rates stay high. Here our top tips for working from home when […]