Rebound Idaho: Need a job? Here are some Idaho employers looking to hire

IDAHO — Unemployment reached a record high in Idaho in April, at 11.5 percent. And while some are going back to their jobs, others are on the hunt for work.

Here are some companies currently hiring:

Customer care solutions provider Valor Global says they’re looking to hire hundreds of employees for its newest location in Meridian. A spokesperson for the women-owned, minority-owned company says all employees are currently working remotely, and that they do provide benefits like health insurance.

Separately, Boise-based tech giant Micron appears to be hiring. Positions currently posted on their LinkedIn include sales, marketing and order management roles.

Mark your calendars! On June 24, Idaho News 6 is partnering with the Idaho Job & Career Fair to host a one-day live video conference to provide job seekers with an avenue to hiring companies. Valor Global will be participating in this fair.

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