Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

Valor Global Costa Rica believes in diversity and inclusion. Watch, as our team takes a stand against racism with their stance on diversity and conclusion in a public testimonial.

Spanish to English translation:

“We (at Valor Global) are committed to promoting free spaces of all forms of racial discrimination. That is why we say NO to any situation of discrimination that is presented to us. Costa Rica is an inclusive, multiethnic and multicultural country, so we say NO to Racism and Discrimination.”

In all of our sites across the globe, Valor Global is a proud supporter of diversity and inclusion as expressed through our commitment to serving and employing ALL , including those of every color, sexuality, religion, ethnic background, and self-expression.

Find out more about how Valor Global promotes Diversity and Inclusion though our Mission & Values, Cares for Communities Initiative, and Dream Manager program.

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