The Importance of Employee Engagement

Insights from John Craine, President of Valor Global

Making a difference in people's lives is a principle we live by At Valor Global. It's what fuels our passion and motivates us to excel every day. As the President, I'd like to share some insights into how essential employee engagement is to a company, the strategies we used to make this happen at our company, and how this translates into exceptional customer experiences.

One thing remains constant in the competitive business landscape—the undeniable link between employee engagement and exceptional customer experiences. As leaders, it’s our responsibility to recognize and harness this powerful connection.

Engaged employees are the heartbeat of any successful organization. They bring passion, dedication, and a customer-centric mindset to their roles. It resonates with customers when employees are genuinely invested in their work and feel valued. 

Here's How It Works

Higher Service Quality

Engaged employees are more likely to go the extra mile to provide top-notch service. They take pride in their work and aim to exceed customer expectations.

Effective Problem Solving

Engaged employees are proactive problem solvers. They take ownership of challenges and find creative solutions, leading to quicker issue resolution.

 Positive Interactions

When employees are happy and engaged, it shows in their interactions with customers. They radiate positivity, empathy, and enthusiasm, creating memorable experiences.

Brand Advocacy

Engaged employees become enthusiastic brand ambassadors. They naturally share their positive experiences with customers, reinforcing trust and loyalty.

The Impact of employee engagement on the bottom line is clear. Satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal customers, leading to increased revenue and profitability. Moreover, engaged employees tend to stay longer with the company, reducing turnover costs.

As always, we do it The Valor Way®.

We’ve built The Valor Way, a framework that not only supports our people in their personal lives but also paves the way for their career growth. Over 90% of our leadership team has been promoted from within, a testament to our commitment to building careers.

We believe in staying connected, whether we’re working face-to-face or remotely. Strong relationships are the foundation of our success, and we foster them through consistent communication and connectivity. It’s about more than just work; it’s about creating a community that thrives on collaboration and mutual support.

We don’t just work hard; we play hard too. Celebrating our successes is an essential part of our culture. Whether it’s a small milestone or a significant achievement, we take the time to acknowledge and applaud our team’s efforts.

At Valor Global, we firmly believe that supporting our team members in and out of the workplace is essential. Through programs like “Valor Helps,” we assist those facing hardships. Our employees generously donate, and we match those contributions dollar-for-dollar. A dedicated committee reviews applications and provides relief, embodying our commitment to caring for our team like family.

Our “Wellness Checks” are more than just a protocol; they are an expression of genuine concern for our team’s well-being. When red flags are raised, our HR team steps in, reaching out to ensure our team members are safe and supported. We believe that a healthy and balanced team performs at their best.
Giving back is at the core of our values. Through “Valor Cares,” we actively support local and global organizations that strive to make a meaningful impact. We’re not just a company; we’re a community dedicated to helping those in need.
We don’t just offer jobs; we provide careers. Our commitment to professional development is evident through programs like the “Leadership Academy with Continuous Improvement System.” We nurture leadership qualities, problem-solving skills, and a results-driven mindset to empower our team members.
Leadership is a journey, and we provide the roadmap. Our “High Performing Leadership Development” program focuses on change management, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, and team building. We’re not just shaping employees; we’re crafting leaders.
Our “Coaching for Performance” model is a testament to our dedication to individual growth. We provide 1:1 coaching to help our agents achieve their goals, foster professional development, and tackle challenges head-on. This personalized approach fuels success.
At Valor Global, we’re committed to nurturing a workplace where our team members thrive because we believe that engaged employees are the cornerstone of exceptional customer experiences.

Let's start an insights exchange. From a leader's perspective, that is how we elevate our organization's employee engagement and, in turn, transform our customer experiences. I invite you to share your experiences as well. By learning from each other, we can collectively grow and improve. Together, we can venture on a journey of growth, satisfaction, and success.