How we eliminated Account Takeovers

The Ask

The client approached us requesting assistance after fraudsters were able to take over accounts due to agents failing to follow the Account Verification process. The client received automatic fails on quality audits for Account Verification and received a total of three client callouts related to ATOs in a three month span.

The Solution

Our team came up with a comprehensive, multi-teamed response to combat the sudden rise in account takeovers. Using their combined expertise, the Quality Team and Training Team produced the following strategy:

Training & Quality Corner Series

The Quality Team partnered with the Training team to share pro-tips and best practices related to Account Verification and Account Takeover through the Training & Quality Corner series.

Process Compliance Checks

The Quality Team communicated daily data on Account Verification and Account Takeover trends along with other Mishandling (Auto-fail) behaviors and outliers to drive process compliance.

Account Verification Alignment

The teams created an agent calibration cadence that focuses on Account Verification to align with the agents and address questions or concerns on the process.

Account Verification Impact

Scheduled team huddles were dedicated to thorough handling of account verification, putting emphasis on the impacts of account takeovers on the customer, our client, and the business.

The Results

Our strategic emphasis on training our agents to spot potential fraudsters yielded remarkable results, as we achieved a track record of zero account takeovers in the subsequent months. By empowering our team with comprehensive training and equipping them with the skills to detect suspicious activities early, we not only safeguarded our customers' accounts but also protected our client's interests and preserved the integrity of our business. This proactive approach not only prevented potential security breaches but also instilled confidence among our customer base, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to their security and trust.

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