How we achieved under 5% Absenteeism Rate

The Ask

The client sought to reduce their high level of absenteeism, with the third week of June averaging at about 11.27% absenteeism as opposed to the normal rate of 3-5%.

The Solution

Prior to the client contacting us to solve the issue, the client’s own leadership performed an analysis of the Absenteeism Report and a Root Cause Analysis of the reasons for absenteeism provided by conducting Focus Group Discussions with each team. With this data, the following action items were implemented:

Wellness Checks

We secured a dedicated phone assigned to the client to check on call-out employees. This allows us to ensure they are receiving the proper care and reinforces Valor’s concern for employee health. We can also inquire if the employee needs to see a doctor and guide them on additional concerns such as obtaining medical certifications.

Positive Reinforcement

We reinvented our engagement activities to celebrate small wins. Upon seeing positive traction and significant improvement in team performance, we held an ice cream day for everyone. We also redefined focused coaching and emphasized that the goal is not to micromanage but to provide employees with focused support to help improve their performance.

Team-Oriented training

We reinforced the Valor Leadership Pillars, including providing open, transparent, and regular communication. and set up training for team managers on how to effectively use high-impact coaching and how to address conflict within the team appropriately. We also held activities to emphasize why it is important to show up to work for the team.

Early Warning Tracker

We recognized the importance of nurturing a positive and motivated workforce. To achieve this, we implemented an Early Warning Tracker to gauge our team members' motivation and gain insight into their sentiments, enabling us to detect any early signs of dissatisfaction.

The Results

Our employee wellness-focused approach produced a much lower rate of Absenteeism, trending at 5% and below. The client ended June at 5.56%, July at 4.18%, and is currently at 4.07% in August. This approach also helped decrease the attrition rate to below 5%.

They [Valor Global] pulled together the team, identified the true root causes and provided effective corrective actions that yielded results. Well done. [It is] refreshing to see this commitment to success.

Chief Performance Officer of Client

By placing our employees' well-being and satisfaction at the forefront of our priorities, we created an environment where they felt valued and supported. This engagement resulted in a stronger commitment to their roles and the client as a whole. As a result, employees were more motivated to come to work, leading to a notable decline in absenteeism. Our proactive efforts to address their concerns, provide necessary resources, and foster a healthy work-life balance all contributed to this positive outcome, reinforcing the idea that when employees are at the center of our focus, the entire organization benefits.

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