How we achieved Lower Training Attrition Rates

The Ask

The client approached us looking for a solution to high training attrition and decline in training performance mostly due to lack of attendance or personal issues pertaining to the trainees. The client also indicated they had just implemented a new training curriculum. Before we implemented our solution, the training attrition was as high as 57.14%.

The Solution

Our experts at Valor Global understood the issues and created an effective approach to address these challenges:

Collaborative Support for Training Outliers:

The Training Team partnered with Operations to provide additional support for training outliers by reviewing calls and chats and working on identified opportunities.

Training Performance Review and Alignment:

The team established weekly cadence with trainers and OMs to review training performance and align on next steps.

Training Champion:

A captain OM was assigned to act as Training Champion focusing on engagement activities and acting as a liaison between the Training Team and Operations.

Establishing Engagement Activities:

The team collaborated with Engagement Manager to develop engagement activities specific to trainees.

Unifying Mentor Requirements:

We calibrated the requirements for Nesting Mentors to ensure that we identify mentors that will help the trainees achieve performance target in each and every brand.

Strategic Profile Mapping:

The Training Team partnered with the Recruitment Team to map the right profile for the campaign given the changing demands in the program.

Open Communication:

We proactively shared feedback on the new training curriculum with the client.

The Results

Following the successful implementation of our comprehensive solution, the client witnessed a remarkable transformation in their operational performance metrics. One of the most significant improvements was observed in the attrition rate, which showed an impressive reduction, averaging at 50.61%. This substantial decrease not only alleviated the recruitment and training burdens on the client but also contributed to a more stable and consistent workforce. The client also reported an enhanced Performance Evaluation score, which saw an average increase of 6%.

These outcomes underscore the success of our partnership and the value we brought to the client by addressing attrition, boosting graduation rates, and elevating overall performance levels. It also highlights our dedication to delivering sustainable solutions that drive long-term success.

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