How We Achieved A Seamless Staffing Expansion Across Two Global Sites

The Ask

When an existing partnership failed to fulfill staffing commitments, a pressing need arose for a scalable solution that could swiftly ramp up to 150 full-time equivalents (FTEs). The challenge was not just in numbers, but in maintaining high customer satisfaction and resolution rates. It was a dual-front dilemma: how to expand rapidly without compromising on the quality of customer interactions.

The Solution

response to the critical need for rapid yet sustainable staffing solutions, the following multi-faceted strategy was implemented:

Dual-Site Synergy:

We established Costa Rica as the central training hub, then replicated its success at our Philippines location, ensuring consistency.

Gradual Expansion Plan:

Managed a monthly increase in staffing by 10-15% to support growth without compromising service quality.

KPI-Driven Training:

Developed training programs led by experts in the field, designed to meet specific KPIs and accommodate offshore operational nuances.

Cultural Alignment:

Initiated the “Culture of Yes” campaign, mirroring the client’s approach to ensure every customer interaction was geared toward resolution.

Leadership Consolidation:

Aligned leadership across sites to streamline operations, ensuring a cohesive strategy and unified communication at all levels.

Collaborative Communication:

Established a consistent communication cadence with the client’s leadership, facilitating a dynamic and responsive partnership.

The Results

The strategic initiatives undertaken yielded tangible and significant outcomes, underpinning the effectiveness of the dual-site strategy. Within the second and third quarters of the year, our approach was recognized with top performer awards, a testament to the operational excellence achieved. This accomplishment was not only a measure of success but also a benchmark, setting the pace for us to be the frontrunner in the following quarter. The quantifiable impact of our solutions was further highlighted by the substantial growth awarded to us—an additional 150 full-time equivalents in the third quarter. This expansion was accompanied by the client's approval of three groundbreaking pilot programs, which mark a major step forward in service delivery and customer experience.

Valor's swift scaling to meet our 150 FTE requirement, coupled with their 'Culture of Yes' initiative, has not only met our staffing needs but also enhanced our customer service standards. Their two-site strategy has proven effective, earning them top performer awards and our confidence to pilot innovative solutions.

Security Services Client

Through our approach, we not only tackled the client’s challenge of rapidly expanding their workforce but also cultivated a high-performance culture. Our solution improved key performance indicators like ASAT and resolution rates and positively impacted the agent experience by implementing targeted training and nesting programs tailored for offshore needs.

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