How We Achieved 50% Reduced Repeat Caller Rate

The Ask

A client approached us with concern over an increase in Repeat Callers observed across the enterprise. The client stated numerous customers contacted the call center more than four times within a 72-hour timeframe. This trend was not just an operational challenge; it also impacted customer satisfaction and caused corporate escalations.

The Solution

To tackle the challenge, we implemented a multifaceted solution that focused on Finance Representative coaching and introduced a streamlined process to address these calls effectively. Our comprehensive solution included:

  • Root Cause Analysis and Agent Identification: Our in-depth analysis highlighted outlier agents who were frequently involved in escalated calls with repeat callers. We identified the root causes behind these escalations, including knowledge gaps, communication issues, and service gaps.


  • Customized Coaching Program: For these outlier agents, we established an intensive coaching program. This program involved more frequent coaching sessions, side-by-side monitoring of live interactions, and blind call monitoring by Quality Assurance (QA) to provide targeted feedback and skill development.


  • Repeat Caller Process Implementation: We introduced a site-wide Repeat Caller Process that required agents to identify repeat callers in real time. If a customer had made four or more calls within 72 hours, agents were responsible for notifying a Supervisor or Team Lead. The Supervisor or Team Lead would then ensure the customer’s issue was resolved during the current call, stepping in as needed.


  • Supervisor and Leadership Involvement: If the issue could not be resolved during the ongoing call, Supervisors, Team Leads, and even higher-level management, including the Site Director and Vendor Managers, stepped in to take ownership. This commitment ensured that repeat callers received the attention and resolution they needed.

The Results

The execution of our comprehensive solution led to a remarkable improvement in reducing repeat callers and improving overall customer satisfaction:

  • Reduced Repeat Caller Rate: The rate of customers making more than four calls within a 72-hour window dropped by 50%, showing a significant reduction in corporate escalations.

  • Agent Performance Improvement: Outlier agents who received targeted coaching showed a 35% improvement in their call handling skills, leading to fewer escalations.

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: The customer satisfaction index increased by 25%, demonstrating the positive impact of owning and resolving concerns more proactively.

Valor Global’s Repeat Caller process not only minimized repeat callers and corporate escalations, but also improved our agent performance and customer satisfaction. Their dedication to coaching, employee development, and proactive process creation and optimization have truly been a game changer.

Wireless Telecommunications Client

Through our tailored solution, we not only addressed the issue of repeat callers but also emphasized continuous improvement through coaching and proactive intervention. Our efforts created a customer-focused call center environment where concerns were resolved efficiently, leading to higher customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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