That Doesn’t

At Valor Global, it’s what we don’t do that sets us apart.

We don’t want new clients.
We want new partnerships.

We’re not just another call center. As a minority-owned, mid-tier customer experience partner, we see and do things differently. You’re not just another name in a long list of clients to us. We take the time to immerse ourselves in your brand while finding new ways to deliver greater results and actually improve your business. At Valor Global, your success is ours.

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Step 1 We don’t get
killed by attrition.

When agents stick around, you don’t pay for high turnover. You get tenured high performers who provide an unparalleled customer experience. Our culture, strengthened by The Valor Way® – our approach to training and incentives – creates happy, long-term employees.

Step 2 We don’t charge
for wasted time.

We only charge for positive resolutions. While most BPOs charge by how many minutes they talk to your customers regardless of the outcome, we choose not to follow the industry standard. Because results are everything.

Step 3 We don’t just
answer calls.

We mine them using CX analytics at no extra cost, helping eliminate the need to call you in the first place. We also deliver weekly insight reports so you can stay ahead of issues and make more informed decisions. The tech tells you what. We tell you why.

You don’t want just any BPO.

How do you decide which BPO is best for your business? This eBook presents the top seven things to consider when choosing your customer experience BPO partner.

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About Us

Valor Global is a minority-owned business and global leader in providing extraordinary customer experiences for clients across the globe. Headquartered in Arizona with 4,000+ global team members, we deliver cost-effective, robust, 24/7 onshore and offshore support models. Our goal is to become an extension of our customers’ team and culture to provide extraordinary service.